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Simple Interior Styling Tips

One of the things most of my clients struggle with is how to style their home after they have finished working with me. So I have created a simple guide to follow with 5 tips to keep in mind when styling your home.

1. The Rule of 3:

When styling I always use this rule by placing three different objects together to create small groups. Placing objects in groups of 3 (or other odd numbers) is more appealing and interesting to the eye than even numbered groupings and helps make the styling look balanced.

2. Create Triangles:

When placing objects, try to position them in such a way that the outline forms a triangle. On a bookshelf you can achieve this by placing three objects of the same colour, shape or material across the shelves to form a triangle. Creating triangles gives the eye a line to follow and creates visual interest and balance.

3. Variety and Contrast:

When choosing styling objects you should always aim for a variety of shapes and heights. When you choose a group of three pieces to style together make sure they differ in height as this helps to create a triangle as mentioned above. Picking contrasting colours/tones and textures is also a must for creating visual interest and balance.

4. Use Books:

Books are a great styling tool that I'm sure everyone has in their home. They can be used both horizontally and vertically on a bookshelf to create visual interest. You can also place objects on top of horizontal books to create more height.

5. Take a Photo:

Once you have finished styling, stand back and take a photo. Seeing the space through as lens brings your eye to different focal points and allows you to see what works well and what needs moving around. It may also help to send the photo to a friend and get some honest feedback (I always love to help so send me your styling photos via instagram).

I hope these tips help you to style your own home like the professionals. If you need any assistance choosing decor and furniture for your space get in touch here.

happy styling,


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