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My Story - How Design Became My Life

Did you ever do something for 'fun' as a child not realising it was one day going to become your dream job? I remember sitting at dads desk when I was 10 tracing over dads floor plans and then redrawing them with new designs all day long. For me this was so much fun. And to this day I still love it, however these days I make a living from it too.

Dad was a draftsman and builder so he had all the tools, a full drawing board, scale rulers, tracing paper, you name it, he had it. And whenever he wasn't using them, I would sneak in and get to 'work'. Then came the SketchUp obsession. I wasn't even in High school when I started creating houses in SketchUp. Those houses had a lot more imagination but very little practicality. I still remember my very first 3D model. It was a simple 6x6m square which consisted of 5 floors, each with a different room and it was complete with a rooftop pool. It was the house every kid dreamed of, a pool, stairs, it even had a slide to get to the bottom floor. Fast forward to University where I undertook a Bachelor of Environmental Design (Architecture). This is where I learnt the functional side of design, and how to create spaces that are both beautiful yet functional. with the needs of the client being the most important aspect.

Straight out of uni, I worked for a local building design firm, drawing floorplans for a number of large building companies. After a few years in the building design industry, I decided I didn't want to be sitting in an office all day working behind the scenes for someone else. I wanted to be hands on, working one on one with my own clients, helping them create the home of their dreams. So I furthered my studies into the realm of Interior Design which is where my love for design truly kicked off.

When I started with The Interior Design Institute, I had this sudden realisation that this is what I was born to do. I don't regret my degree in Architecture as it has given me a broad range of knowledge, but I do wish I had realised sooner that it was the interiors that set my heart on fire. I love everything about interiors, from spatial planning, to selecting colours all the way to styling my living room 50 different ways just for fun. I love visualising spaces in my head and watching them come to life, so I started Samantha Milne Designs so I could turn my passion into my lifestyle, and help others achieve their dream homes.

As I embark on this new venture I hope that you enjoy seeing my designs come to life and I aim to give you all some useful tips and inspiration to use in your homes.

Follow my journey @samantha_milne_designs

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